The invention of peel ends has made it considerably easier to open and close food packaging. Because these ends have been peeled, storing food is much simpler for you. Canlid, an easy open ends manufacturer, makes these ends. Let’s examine the properties of peeling ends and the many uses for which they might be used.

The utilization of easy open ends


For the peel-off end technique of food preservation, airtight containers like Mason jars, steel cans, and tin cans are all acceptable options. Food is prepared and sealed in these containers using this technique. Food in cans has a usual shelf life of one to five years, however, it occasionally has a much longer lifespan. Up to 30 years can pass before a product loses its ability to be consumed if it has been freeze-dried and subsequently canned, such as dry lentils.


The peel-off end is widely used in the packaging of cans of newborn milk powder with high safety standards. Nowadays, the packaging is used more and more frequently for goods like meat, fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, and other items.


Characteristics of easy open ends


  1. Bending is to be avoided by increasing the sealing pressure. Food preservation at extreme pressure without harm. BPA-free and by FDA requirements.


  1. A corrosion-prevention strategy that uses several levels of defense.


  1. Compact design. The end that can be removed easily contributes to maintaining the product’s freshness because of its compact form. As a result, sealing the package is made easier and more secure, aiding in the avoidance of infected goods.




When packing food, it is a good idea to utilize ends that are simple to open as this will assist the food stay fresh and appetizing for a longer amount of time. This method not only assists in preserving the flavor and texture of your food for a longer period, but it also assists in protecting it from external factors like dampness. If you’re trying to find a solution to the issue of easy open ends, have a look at the items that Canlid offers.