What Is Aluminium Foil Box

The aluminium foil box is made of aluminium foil, a material mostly used for food packaging. It is usually used for food storage and packaging in different sizes and shapes. No matter home kitchens or restaurants, people always recognize the aluminium foil box, representing that this handy product has been integrated into people’s lives. Since aluminium foil box is a daily necessity for people, they need to get into the insight of it to choose the most suitable aluminium foil box. Let’s get started.

The Benefits of Aluminium Foil Box

Protection of the Food Taste

Being resistant to the high temperature, the aluminium foil box is featured with the ability to keep the heat and moisture of the food without fearing food spoilage. Thus, the fresh taste of the food can be guaranteed with the help of aluminium foil box, making aluminium foil box especially suitable for food packaging.

Environmental Protection

Compared with plastic and cardboard boxes, the aluminium foil box is more eco-friendly since it is made of 100 % recyclable material, minimizing environmental impacts to a large extent. Amid the global awareness of environmental protection, the aluminium foil box meets environmental concerns, making it a sustainable food packaging.


The aluminium foil box is famous for its light feature, bringing convenience to people because they can carry the aluminium foil box easily. Even at a party with hundreds of people attending, people will not find carrying the aluminium foil box difficult, making it the first option for holding parties.

Main Application Scenarios of Aluminium Foil Box

The merits mentioned above of the aluminium foil box make it sought-after in different scenarios. Here list the most commonly used scenarios.

Aluminium Foil Boxes Recommendation

This rectangular aluminium food container is suitable for accommodating different barbecued food. No matter grilled vegetables or meat, our 184 aluminium foil box can easily handle them. To satisfy different needs, there are three options available for capacity, including 580ml, 750ml, and 930ml.

Our Y188146 aluminium foil food container is featured with a round shape, golden hue of the outer packaging, and wavy patterns in the box, bringing people a sense of nobleness and elegance. Its unique design will undoubtedly impress people who use it. On top of that, its depth of 85mm is worth mentioning, meaning it can contain more food than its counterparts.

At first sight of our 197 aluminium foil boxes, it seems they lack special designs. However, its highlight lies in two handles on each side, making it user-friendly to take it up. This design allows people to carry the box easily without fearing hurting themselves, even though some hot food is included. Also, it features a high capacity of 1430ml, making it suitable for a family party or outdoor picnic.

Why Do You Choose Canlid Industries

Great Output

We are equipped with 6 automatic production lines, showing our powerful production ability. Every year, our production capacity reaches 55000MT. Such high yield capacity allows us to carry out mass production. Thus, any need for bulk aluminium foil boxes or small aluminum containers with lids can be satisfied here.

High-Quality Assurance

As aforementioned, our products are made with automatic production lines, which ensures the standardization of products. Also, we apply state-of-the-art equipment to our production processes, ranging from cutting, coating, and printing to production, only to supply superior aluminium foil boxes.