26mm Ring Pull Cap

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26mm Ring Pull Cap

26mm Ring Pull Cap

Shell: Aluminum

Plate thickness: 0.21±0.22mm

Plate hardness: H39

Height: 7±0.4mm

Diameter: 27.2±0.3mm

Score depth: 130±15μm



These closures have been designed for glass, aluminium and plastic bottles. The metal surface can be decorated both internally and externally with offset colour printing, according to the customer’s specific requirements. It is also ideal for competitions and promotions. You can pick the colour of your plastic ring to personalize it even more. Compatible with the most common pasteurisation and hot-filling processes in the field of beverages.


  1. The liner of the 26mm RPC is organoleptically neutral, therefore it adapts well to beverages like water, beer, soft and energy drinks. Moreover, it guarantees maximum seal pressure and the best airtightness for both sparkling and still drinks.
  2. The newest version of the aluminium ring pull cap, easier and faster to open. The new dedicated liner profile is lighter than the standard one and the new internal score profile ensures a reduced opening effort. 


  1. Soft Drinks: Bottled Water, Furit Juices…
  2. Alcoholic Drinks: Beer, Sprit, RTDs…

How to open the ring-pull cap

– With your palm facing downwards, insert your index in the ring and place your thumb on the opposite edge of the cap.

– Lift the ring with a firm upward movement towards the palm of your hand.

– Continue pulling the cap until the bottle is open.


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