401POE-Retort Food

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401POE-Retort Food

The 401 peel off lids can be used for retort food.

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Description of The Easy Peel Off End for Retort Food

Material for 401 peel off lids: Aluminum or Tinplate

Material for Membrane: Aluminum Foil or Composite Film

Services: Embossed or customizes printing

Qualification: FDA grade, SGS Certificate

Application: 401 easy peel off end is suited for retort food


Production Process of The 401 Easy Peel Off Aluminum Lid

The major production processes of the 401 easy peel off end for retort food are as follows:

Tinplate inspection  →  Cutting  →  Stamping basic end(circle)  →  sealing compound(Dry)  →  Collection  →  Conversation press stamping  →   Score line repair(Dry)  →  Electra-coating  →  Package  →  Storage



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