Model: 100ml

Aluminum Foil Cup

Model: E005

Capacity: 100ml

Outside Diameter(OD): 87mm*78mm

Lower Caliber Base: 76*61mm

Height: 35mm

Packing Details: 2000pcs/carton


Description of the Aluminum Foil Cup

This E005 aluminum foil cup is in a heart shape, with a 100ml capacity, small size, and easy to carry, it is also can be used for cheese, cake, fruit pie, pudding and other baked goods.

Features of the Aluminum Foil Cup

  • Food Grade: The Canlid E005 aluminum foil baking cups meet food-grade requirements and is much safer when used.
  • Microwave Heating: The E005 aluminum foil cup supports microwave heating, which is more convenient.
  • Open-fire Heating: The E005 aluminum foil cup also can be used on open-fire heating, making cooking much easier.
  • Low-temperature Freezing: This E005 aluminum foil cup can be used in a low-temperature freezing environment, making it more convenient to store food.



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