Seasonings play a crucial role in enhancing the taste and aroma of food. Therefore, seasoning companies must choose the right packaging solution to preserve their product’s flavor and quality. The packaging should protect against moisture and air and be environmentally friendly and safe for users. This article will explore the ultimate seasoning packaging solution for your business.

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The Requirements of Seasoning Packaging

Seasoning packaging has specific requirements to ensure the product remains fresh, flavorful, and safe for consumers. The following are the primary requirements of seasoning packaging:


  • Air-tightness: Packagingfor seasoning must be air-tight to prevent air from getting inside the container and causing the seasonings to lose their flavor and aroma. Air-tight packaging ensures that the seasoning remains fresh for a longer time.


  • Moisture resistance: Seasoning and spice packaging should be moisture-resistant to prevent the moisture from getting inside the container and causing the seasoning to clump or deteriorate. Moisture resistance is crucial, especially if the seasoning and spice contain salt, which can absorb moisture from the air.


  • Environmentally-friendliness and safety: Seasoning packaging should be free from harmful chemicals and easily recyclable or biodegradable. Aluminum packaging is highly recommended due to its high barrier protection, lightweight nature, and high recyclability.


  • User-friendliness: Seasoning and spice packaging should be easy to use and convenient for consumers. The packaging should allow for easy seasoning dispensing, and the container should be easy to open and close. User-friendliness ensures that consumers can use the product without any hassle.

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Peel-off Ends: The Ultimate Solution for Seasoning Packaging

Peel-off ends (POE) are an excellent solution for seasoning packaging as they satisfy all the abovementioned requirements. More importantly, these easy open can lids have several advantages over other packaging solutions.


  • Traditional metal canisters are often equipped with hard open metal lids that require a can opener to open, bringing users inconveniences. On the other hand, easy peel-off ends, made of FDA-grade material, peelable aluminum foil, or composite film, provide users with an easy way to open a jar without the help of a can opener.


  • Plastic containers with lids are also not ideal for seasoning as they are not air-tight and can allow moisture and air to enter, causing the seasoning to deteriorate. However, using aluminum foil or composite film in the easy open lids ensures air-tightness and moisture resistance, keeping the seasoning fresh and flavorful for longer.

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Standard Peel-off Ends for Seasoning Packaging

Peel-off ends are an excellent solution for meeting the requirements of packaging for seasoning. They come in standard sizes that fit most needs, including 211, 300, 307, 401, 502, and 603 POE.


  • 211 POE: This size of peel-off end features an aluminum foil or composite film thickness of 0.06-0.09mm and an inner diameter of 65mm.


  • 300 POE: With an inner diameter of 73mm, this peel-off end is made from aluminum foil or composite film with a 0.06-0.09mm thickness.


  • 307 POE: This peel-off end size boasts an inner diameter of 83mm and is constructed with 0.06-0.09mm aluminum foil or composite film.


  • 401 POE: This peel-off end has an inner diameter of 99mm and is made from aluminum foil or composite film with a thickness of 0.06-0.09mm.


  • 502 POE: With a thickness of 0.09mm, this peel-off end size is composed of aluminum foil or composite film and has an inner diameter of 127mm.


  • 603 POE: This size of peel-off end features an inner diameter of 153mm and is made from 0.09mm-thick aluminum foil or composite film.


Canlid Industries – Your Reliable Seasoning Packaging Supplier

Choosing the right packaging solution for seasoning products is essential to preserve flavor and quality. Canlid Industries is a trusted aluminum foil container manufacturer that can provide high-quality standard peel-off ends and customized packaging solutions that meet the unique needs of seasoning companies. Specializing in the packaging industry for years, we understand the unique needs of our clients and provide a wide range of easy open lids and other aluminum packaging solutions that can meet their specific needs. You can be confident in your packaging solution with our quality products and excellent customer service.