Are you still having trouble deciding between plastic containers and aluminum containers for food? Don’t worry; we will now compare them directly in the following aspects to assist you in making a choice.

Aluminum VS Plastic Containers for Food

1. Weight
Lightweight is a quality shared by plastic containers and aluminum containers for food. However, because the aluminum is thinner, it weighs less and requires less shipping. Our aluminum container is convenient and lightweight, offering a number of benefits.

2. Insulation Effectiveness
Compared to plastic food containers, food containers made of food-grade aluminum foil provide a higher barrier to water, water vapor, light, and scent. As a result, it is frequently employed in fragrance-preserving and moisture-proof packaging to shield products from oxidation and moisture damage. Your food can be properly maintained with this aluminum container for food without worrying about losing its distinctive flavor and aroma.

3. Environmental Defense
Despite being strong, plastic food containers take a while to decompose, making recycling them difficult. Instead, recycling the aluminum container for food is made simpler by the fact that aluminum foil is 100% recyclable. As a result, the environmental impact of the aluminum container for food is superior to that of the plastic one. As a proponent of environmental responsibility, we provide 100% recyclable aluminum containers for food in an effort to reduce any potential environmental harm.

4. Safety
While food-grade aluminum containers for food are odorless and non-toxic and can be exposed to food directly without worrying about human health hazards, residual components from plastic food containers continue to be a problem for health and safety. All of our aluminum containers for food are composed of food-grade aluminum foil, which demonstrates their suitability as a safe food packaging option and gives us the opportunity to reassure our customers.

5. Application
While the aluminum container for food is more commonly used in airline food, home cooking, and major bakery stores, the plastic food container is more commonly used for fruits, meat, and take-out food. It is true that aluminum containers for food are more widely used and more well-liked. People can always find an appropriate packaging solution here since our aluminum containers for food are applicable to numerous situations, including household kitchen use, restaurant food packing, airline catering, outdoor barbeque, and party food storage.

The Advantages of Aluminum Over Plastic Containers for Food

Despite its advantages, the plastic food container is found to be less advantageous than an aluminum foil in terms of weight, insulation performance, environmental protection, safety, and application. Thus, when people think about choosing a food container, aluminum foil is always the chosen option.


Due to its many advantages, aluminum containers for food are dominating the market. Choosing a reputable aluminum foil packaging supplier is essential if you decide to use aluminum containers for food your food packaging. Canlid can make high-quality aluminum foil food containers for you using cutting-edge machinery. For the finest packaging option using aluminum foil, get in touch with us!