The easy open end is a great help whether you want to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables or a variety of steamed foods. You can use it for either. Read this guide from an easy open end manufacturer called Canlid to learn more about the different types of ends that they make and how to use them to seal food properly.

What is an easy-open end?


The process of preserving food by hermetically sealing it in an airtight container is referred to as easy open ends. Traditional peel-off can end have been replaced with food can lids made of metal that is designed to be easier to open than their predecessors.


The primary advantage of jars with easy-open ends is that they make it possible to can food in a way that is both quicker and less complicated. This piece of advice improves productivity and lessens the likelihood that food will become tainted by reducing the amount of time needed to open the lid and remove the contents of the food. Additionally, the ends are simple to open, which decreases the likelihood of any accidental leaks occurring.


Some Helpful Hints Regarding the Sealing of Foods with an Open End


The following are some tips on how to safely seal food using tin lids that are simple to remove:


  1. Make sure to carefully follow all of the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Be sure to read the directions before you begin the canning process because the canning guidelines change depending on the type of can you use.


  1. Before use, ensure that the jars and their lids have been thoroughly cleaned and cooled. A poor seal can be caused by dirty jars or lids, which can ultimately lead to the food going bad.


  1. Make sure the heat is high enough so that the food doesn’t pop while it’s being processed, as this can lead to it going bad.




The easy open end is an essential step in the process of preserving food and also makes for a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy together. If you follow these tips, you will be able to store food more effectively. If you are interested in these ends, please contact Canlid.