Easy open can lids are helpful if you want to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables or a range of cooked delicacies. It can be utilized for either. Learn more about the various kinds of ends Canlid makes and how to use them to properly seal the food by reading this advice from the company.

What are easy open can lids?


Easy open can lids are the method of storing food by hermetically sealing it in an airtight container. Food can lids constructed of metal intended to be easier to open than their predecessors have replaced traditional peel-off can ends.


The main benefit of cans with easy-open ends is that they allow you to can food more efficiently and with less difficulty. This advice increases production and lowers the risk of food contamination by reducing the time needed to lift the lid and remove the food’s contents. Furthermore, it is simple to open the ends, reducing the possibility of any unintentional leaks.


Tips for sealing foods with easy open can lids


Here are some pointers for utilizing easy open can lids to seal food securely:


  1. Ensure that you properly adhere to the manufacturer’s directions. The canning instructions vary depending on the type of can you use, so be sure to read them before starting the procedure.
  2. Ensure the jars and their lids are fully cleaned and cooled before use. When jars or lids are unclean, the seal might be compromised, resulting in food spoilage.
  3. Check that the heat is sufficiently high to prevent the food from popping while it is being processed, as this could result in it turning bad.




Easy open can lids are a crucial tool in food preservation and make for an enjoyable activity that the whole family can enjoy together. These suggestions will help you store food more efficiently. Contact Canlid if you are interested in pursuing these goals.