In many ways, aluminum foil is like a plastic wrap – it can both protect food from the outside environment and provide a barrier between food and bacteria. Aluminum foil is also inexpensive and easy to use, making it a no-brainer for any commercial food service establishment with limited resources. Learn more about the top 5 reasons to use aluminum foil products for your food packaging needs in this blog post!

Top 5 Reasons to use aluminum foil products for food packaging


  1. Conserves food – One of the most important reasons to use aluminum foil for food packaging is that it helps to conserve food. By wrapping your food in aluminum foil, you are preventing air and moisture from entering the package and causing spoilage.


  1. Protects food from oxygen – Oxygen is one of the main enemies of food. When you wrap your food in aluminum foil, you are shielding it from oxygen and helping to keep it fresh and safe.


  1. Prevents foods from becoming soggy – Wet foods will become soggy and heavy when they are packaged in aluminum foil. By wrapping your food in aluminum foils, you are preventing excess water from entering the package and making your food heavy and soggy.


  1. Keeps foods delicious – Many people believe that aluminum foil keeps foods delicious because it prevents them from becoming too dry or hard. by using aluminum foil, you are able to seal in all of the flavor and moisture that is present in the food.


  1. Aluminum foil is lightweight and easy to transport. This makes it ideal for food packaging that needs to be transported somewhere quickly, such as at a restaurant. Also, aluminum foil is heat-resistant. This means that it can be used to package food that will be cooked, such as lasagna or pizza.




Food packaging is an essential part of any business, and aluminum foil is one of the most popular materials used for this purpose. Aluminum foil packages food safely and securely, preventing it from becoming damaged or contaminated during shipping or storage. And it is a lightweight material that eliminates the need for extra packaging, which can lead to significant reductions in weight and size. With these benefits, don’t be hesitant to purchase reliable aluminum foil products at Canlid!