In this blog, we will be discussing the usage of peel-off ends and how they are used in different products. We will also be looking at the benefits of using them and how they can save you time and money. Peel-off ends are a type of closure that is used on many different kinds of products. They are made from various materials, including plastic, metal, and even paper. Peel-off ends are most commonly used on food products, such as canned goods, but they can also be found on other types of products, such as shampoo bottles and toothpaste tubes. Today we will pay significant attention to milk powder storage by the use of peel-off ends.

The description of POE for milk powder

The peel-off ends for milk powder are the seal that is found at the top of milk powder containers. This seal is important because it helps to keep the milk powder fresh and free from contaminants. The seal is made from a food-grade material that is designed to be safe for consumption.

We will take the POE for milk powder in Canlids as an example. Its material for the lid is tinplate and its material for the membrane is aluminum foil or composite film. What’s more, it has FDA grade and SGS certificate, which make it suitable for milk powder.

What are the benefits of using them?

There are many benefits to using peel-off ends for milk powder. They can help to seal the freshness of the milk powder, prevent clumping, and make it easier to pour. Additionally, they can help to keep the milk powder from absorbing moisture from the air and becoming hard.


The peel-off ends for milk powder are a great way to get all of the powder out of the container. They are easy to use and make it possible to get every last bit of powder. They are also great for traveling because they can be easily resealed.