Are you still having problems determining whether to use plastic or aluminium food boxes? Don’t worry! We will now immediately compare them in the following categories to help you make a decision.

Aluminum VS Plastic aluminium food boxes

1. Weight

Aluminum food containers and plastic food containers both share the attribute of being lightweight. The aluminum weighs less and requires less transportation because it is thinner. Our aluminum container has many advantages, including portability and lightweight.

2. Insulation Performance

Food containers constructed of food-grade aluminum foil offer a greater barrier to water, water vapor, light, and smell than food containers made of plastic. To protect items from oxidation and moisture damage, it is widely used in fragrance-preserving and moisture-proof packaging. With this metal food container, you can store your food correctly without worrying about losing its unique flavor or aroma.

3. Environment Protection

Plastic food containers are sturdy, but they take a while to break down, making recycling them challenging. Instead, because the aluminum foil is 100% recyclable, recycling the aluminum food container is made easy. As a result, metal food containers have a better environmental impact than plastic ones. To lessen any potential environmental harm, we offer 100% recyclable aluminum food containers as an advocate for environmental responsibility.

4. Security

While leftover plastic food container components continue to be a problem for health and safety, food-grade aluminum containers are odorless, non-toxic, and can be exposed to food directly without worrying about human health hazards. All of our aluminum food containers are made of food-grade aluminum foil, proving their appropriateness as a secure food packaging solution and allowing us to reassure our clients.

5. Implementation

The plastic food container is more frequently used for fruits, meat, and take-out food, whereas the aluminum food container is more commonly used in airline cuisine, home cooking, and large bakery businesses. Metal food containers are indeed more popular and commonly utilized. Since our aluminum food containers are suitable for a variety of uses, including household kitchen use, restaurant food packing, airline catering, outdoor barbecuing, and party food storage, people can always find an appropriate packaging solution here.

Benefits of aluminum over plastic aluminium food boxes

Despite its benefits, aluminum foil is determined to be more favorable in terms of weight, insulation performance, environmental protection, safety, and application than plastic food containers. Aluminum foil is so consistently picked as a food container when consumers consider their options.


Aluminum food storage containers are widely used due to their many benefits. If you decide to use metal containers for your food packing, picking a dependable aluminum foil source is crucial. Canlid can use state-of-the-art equipment to produce for you premium aluminum foil food containers. Contact us if you’re looking for the best aluminum foil packaging alternative!