Can lids are usually the best choice when talking about beer packaging solutions. Some studies have shown that a can may keep your beverage with a fresher taste for a more extended period.


The fact that it has a tighter seal also helps preserve it from light and oxygen. When it comes to beverage ends, one type of can lid that is highly popular is the 307#SOT lid, not only because it helps to conserve the content better but also because it’s more durable, easy to open, and customizable. Besides, distribution and recycling are more manageable.


If you want to learn more about this beer packaging solution, keep reading!


307#SOT Can Lid Features

Now you know that the 307#SOT can lid is one of the best beer packaging solutions, check some of the features that make this beverage end a highly picked choice:

1. High-pressure Resistance

High-pressure resistance guarantees food safety. It is an approach used to preserve the beverage can lid content. The process uses a non-chemical and non-thermal approach. Therefore, it can’t compromise the flavor of the beverage.

2. Light Full Open Force

With the light full open force system, the beverage can lid can easily be opened.

3. Easily Open

This beer packaging solution doesn’t require a can opener. Instead, you can safely open it just using your hands.

4. Only Seal in the Upper of the Can

The seal helps preserve the can lid content, making it a great beer packaging solution, meaning that it keeps the flavor while also being easy to transport and consume.



How the Beer Taste and the Storage Methods Are Interrelated?

When talking about product storage, several things can affect the beer taste. That is why it is essential to consider packaging solutions that will maintain the quality of the products. The wavelength and ultraviolet lights, for instance, can affect your beverage. Therefore, different beer packaging solutions can have a darker color. For example, it’s possible to spoil the beer with a clear glass bottle after only a few hours in the daylight and after days of fluorescent lighting.

This issue, however, doesn’t affect cans. Metal can protect the beverage from light and heat, which really makes a huge difference in storage methods. If the beer stays in storage for an extended period and the packaging can’t protect it, the beverage is spoiled. You can lose all the work in the production because of the package.



How 307#SOT Can Lids Preserve the Beer?

The 307#SOT can lid is an excellent solution as it can increase the integrity of the beer. In addition, the metal acts as a barrier against contamination and oxygen, helping to improve the shelf life of your beverage. Therefore, it is safer for consumption and easy to preserve and maintain the beer in storage.

The beverage can lid make the sealing performance safer. It can last for many years, and it doesn’t rust. It contains non-absorbent properties, which are responsible for increasing its sealing effect. The material is also chemical resistant and non-toxic, besides being lightweight.

Here is where metal comes into play, as it is a popular drink package material worldwide. So, if you’re looking for a beverages’ packaging material option that can be recycled, metal is ideal.



Canlid Provides the Best Beer Packaging Solution

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