For any brand trying to make its product accessible to a wider audience, ensuring that the packaging for its product is easy to open and use is an important step. The easiest way for a brand to do this is by packaging the food in cans that are designed to be easily open.


Since there was a surge in people opting for cans, their manufacturing process has had to consider the manufacturing of easy open cans.



The Manufacturing Process of Easy Open Cans

The manufacturing of an easy-open can is a branch that has seen many advances. As the industry continues to grow, it becomes more and more important for manufacturers to make sure their end product meets the standards. This will ultimately lead to improvements and better safety measures for consumers. Here we will discuss the current manufacturing process of easy-open cans. Let’s read on.


  1. Coil Cutting

Coil cutting involves cutting the tinplate coils and forming a package suitable for the following operation. The coil cutting has its contour to make the most out of the material, adapting to the cutting disc of the die forming.


  1. Varnished

The easy-open cans for food require complete varnish protection due to the harness of their manufacture. The system of varnish inside is very complicated, applying several layers of them that can be of various types. Meanwhile, the damage on the outside is even greater. Therefore, a new varnish application is required at the end of the process.


  1. Cut in Bands

The packs of varnished and printed sheets are fed to the first machine of the manufacturing line of the lid, which is a shear for cutting into strips. Both feeding of sheets to the shear is carried out automatically by conveyors.


  1. Cutting and Squeezing the Shell

The bands will cut the first approximation to the shape of the cover. By means of conveyor belts, the sketches are then transferred to the gumming machines to ensure a hermetic closure of the lid on the container.


  1. Manufacture of the Cover and the Ring

The transformation of the sketch into the lid is done on a multi-station press of great precision and certain tonnage, so as the ring of the easy-open cans. The sketch moves through different stations step by step, either linearly or turntable.


  1. Rebarnized

To eliminate oxidation, rebarnized as a new varnish application is carried out on the outer face of the lid. It is carried out utilizing a spray nozzle that sprays the same on the surface. 


  1. Packaging

After these processes have been completed, the cans need to be inspected for quality control before they can be put on the market to sell.


Applications of Easy Open Cans for Foods

Easy-open cans are a fantastic invention that has made life easier for many people. They help us save time and money by not using any extra tools to get food cans open. The applications of these cans are endless, from fruits and vegetables, pet food, convenience food, and other meat and seafood.


  1. Fruits and Vegetables

Cans are most commonly used in fruits and vegetables. They provide protection from moisture, pests, and insects. They also preserve food’s taste and color longer.


  1. Pet Food

The packaging system for pet food has undergone a dramatic change in recent years. One technology that is seeing a rise in popularity is easy-open cans. These cans create an easier process for pet owners to consume their food and use it when needed.


  1. Convenience Food

Cans are used in a variety of ways in convenience food. They have been used as a protective cover to store food as well as being able to access the food easily. This is a great convenience for people who are on the go.


  1. Meat and Seafood

While cans are not restricted to seafood and can be used in various other foods, they are primarily used in seafood. This is because the outer layer of the can protects against air contact and prevents oxidation. In addition, cans help to prolong shelf-life. These are all important factors for fisheries because it means less waste from fish spoiling and thus more profit for fishermen.


Features and Benefits of Easy Open Cans for Foods

The advantages of easy-open cans have been discovered by food and beverage manufacturers. They are a great way to preserve the freshness of the food, and they save time, especially when you have a large order. These cans allow for easy opening, which reduces waste in terms of money and natural resources. They allow us to enjoy these food items without hassle, which can be an efficient and eco-friendly way of getting our food.


These cans come in all sizes, shapes, and colors and have different designs depending on the type of food they contain. No matter what designs or types you need, Canlid Industries can provide the best easy-open cans solution for you.


About Canlid Industries

Canlid Industries manufactures easy-open cans for food and is one of the most trusted names in canning. Our cans are easy to open and durable. In fact, we have been able to create a truly easy-to-open can that meets the market standard.


We are also a food-safety and quality driven company. We believe that this is the right thing to do and are committed to using the best raw materials and processing our products in a safe, high-quality environment.


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