Packaging is a crucial part of any production process. With beverages, it is no different. Beverage packaging solutions must be excellent to keep the product’s quality. They can influence the shelf life, transportation, design, and even how customers perceive the product. In addition, the taste of the beverage can also be affected by the package.


Therefore, understanding the key factors of the choosing process of beverage packaging solution is a must! So, read on and check how you can make the most assertive choice!


How Can Packaging Affect the Beverages?

There are some ways packaging can affect the quality of the beverage you’re producing. Check some of them!

1. Taste

Aluminum can lids are usually chosen for beverage packaging precisely because they’re excellent in keeping the content look and taste fresh for a more extended period by protecting from external contamination.


Glass can also do the same, and it is non-toxic and tasteless. However, it can’t protect from light exposure. Plastic is very popular and usually safe but can affect the taste when exposed to sunlight and high temperature.

2. Price

The price can vary according to how many packaging containers you choose to buy and the supplier. However, glass beverage packaging is usually the most expensive one. On the other hand, aluminum can lids and plastic packaging solutions generally have lower prices.

3. Weight

Weight is an essential factor when thinking about transportation. The lighter the package, the more liters you can transport at once. This is also a factor in selling because it helps determine values and how marketing should be done.

4. Shape

The shape can also determine some aspects, such as marketing, storage, and transportation.


Some materials are more malleable, such as plastic. Others, like glass, require particular care and generally follow specific standards. The same goes for metal, which typically appears as aluminum can lids.

5. Shelf Life

Metal and glass are the two that have the best shelf life. They can protect the beverage and maintain its original flavor for longer.

6. Transport

As the shelf life, environmental factors are essential to consider when it comes to transportation. It is also crucial to notice the weight and fragility of the material. Glass is heavier to transport. At the same time, plastic needs care as it is not as strong.


On the other hand, aluminum may be the most viable alternative as it is both light and easy to carry.

Top 5 Factors to Take into Account Before Choosing a Beverage Packaging Solution

Now that you know what can affect beverage packaging and some of the most used materials, it’s time to understand which factors to consider before choosing a beverage packaging.

1. Planning

Planning is crucial when thinking about the product’s safety, its shelf life, and how the process of beverage packaging will happen. This step involves thinking about not only that mentioned above but also all the following steps like design, budget, logistics, etc.

2. Budget

With your plan designed, you can now define the budget you will use. Beyond the costs of the process, it is essential to decide how much you are willing to spend on packaging itself, which says a lot about the company and the products.

3. Decoration and Design

Design and decoration are attached to the product you’re planning to produce and the audience you want to reach. Having these things clear will help you draw your brand identity, design and decoration ideas, and the ideal beverage packaging solution for your brand.

4. Logistics

In this process, you will also have to consider the logistics of your product and determine the structure of the packaging layer.


With that, it will be possible to:

  • Select the type of beverage packaging;
  • Understand labeling requirements; and
  • Take care of transportation and storage solutions – which can vary a lot depending on which packaging material you choose.

5. Stages of Canning or Bottling

Different types of beverages need to go through various processes. But generally speaking, all drinks have to follow some steps to meet all the regulatory compliance necessary. This process is basically like this:


  • First, it must go for clarification and prefiltration;
  • Then final filtration;
  • Next comes the process monitoring;
  • After that, it’s time for tank venting, gas filtration, and housings.
  • By the end, it is time to take a few tests like the integrity test, the diffusion test, and the pressure hold test.


It’s essential to mention this part so you can precisely understand what you will have to do to get your beverage out and running.


As you could see, beverage packaging is a fundamental step in your production line. So, you definitely want suppliers with high-quality products and the right amount of expertise to provide you with the best packaging solutions.


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