Peel-off ends are packaging solutions used to seal cans. They are a practical option for food packaging as they have an easy-open can end that can be torn apart safely without the risk of hurting yourself.


Aluminum peel-off ends contribute to keeping the food safe from external factors, preventing contamination, and ensuring that it can be stored for longer. These ends are also great solutions for milk powder packaging. Learn more about the application of aluminum peel-off ends next!


Why is Aluminum a Widely Chosen Peel-off End Material?

Aluminum has many qualities that make them ideal for packaging. Aluminum makes it possible to protect the food from external elements while preserving it for a more extended period. When combined with the peel-off end, it becomes the ideal container for food.


This material is resistant and makes the process of opening products more accessible. It can also be used for many types of products and stored without being torn or damaged easily. That is why peel-off ends are ideal for milk powder storage.


Requirements for Milk Powder Storage

Milk powder storage must be done appropriately, as it is a food that follows specific packaging requirements. The lack of care can damage the food and, in more severe cases, be responsible for food poisoning.


The ideal scenario is to keep the powder milk away from strong odors and in a dry, fresh, and clean space. The U.S. Department of Agriculture[1] (USDA) states that powder milk can be stored indefinitely like other canned goods. It all depends on the type and the quality of the milk.


Nonfat powder milk, for instance, can last longer than powder whole milk or even buttermilk – this occurs because fat is less stable.


The Advantages of Aluminum Peel-Off Ends for Powder Milk

Besides being an easy-open can end, aluminum peel-off ends can also protect the milk powder from UV rays and prevent moisture and gas from spoiling the milk.


In addition, aluminum is tasteless and non-toxic, so it is perfect for food packaging, like powder milk. Aluminum peel-off ends can preserve milk powder for longer without transferring any residues from the can to its content.


This material is also quite resistant to punctures, tears, and other damage that the packaging may suffer during transport or storage.

For more about the application of peel off ends on milk powder, please read: Peel off ends: the good helper for milk powder storage.


How Are Powder Milk Peel-off Ends Produced?

Check now how to produce powder milk peel-off ends!


  1. The process starts with coil cutting – this involves cutting the tinplate coils and forming a package;
  2. Then, the can must be complete varnish;
  3. After that, it’s necessary to cut the sheets into strips in the first machine of the manufacturing line of the lid;
  4. The next step involves cutting the bands into the shape of the cover;
  5. Conveyor belts then transfer the sketches to the gumming machines. There on the container, they go through a process to ensure a hermetic closure of the lid;
  6. After that, the cover and the ring go on a multi-station press, and the manufacture happens;
  7. Finally, the can is rebarnized to eliminate oxidation;
  8. Afterward, the milk powder peel-off ends will go through quality control and inspection before going on the market.

Canlid Industries Guarantees Quality in the Manufacture Process

As you can see, part of the process of making the peel-off ends to powder milk storage is to assure that they pass the quality control. Therefore, manufacturers must not send them to the market before a thorough inspection.


Besides that, the whole process and machines used must be highly advanced, guaranteeing precision and care during manufacture. This factor, combined with prepared professionals, makes the process efficient and safe.


Canlid Industries cares about quality control and always delivers high-quality products that follow the production requirements.


We have years of experience and invest heavily in technology and innovation to bring the best quality to all of our aluminum packaging solutions. Therefore, you can count on us to find the best peel-off ends for powder milk packaging in the market, with high-end equipment, excellent customer service, and a fair price. 


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