When it comes to purchasing canned sardines, there are many factors at work to help consumers make decisions, such as the price, advertisement, and brand image. Representing the brand image, the role of sardine fish can packaging should never be underestimated. With attractive, impressive, and proper packaging, companies producing canned sardines are likely to grab more market shares than their rivals. This article aims to help sardine fish can companies realize how important packaging is in affecting consumers’ buying decisions.


The Importance of Packaging in Canned Sardines

As aforementioned, sardine packaging does matter to canned sardine companies, but how necessary is it? Here lies the answer.


  1. Protect the Taste of Sardine Fish

The basic function of the packaging in canned sardines lies in taste protection. It helps sardines last longer and, more importantly, keeps the taste so customers can still be impressed by its flavor. Therefore, we apply advanced packaging and manufacturing technology to sardine fish cans that prevent sardine fish from air and bacteria so that the sardine fish will not go bad.


  1. Display the Product

Next, the packaging of canned sardines conveys important information that consumers care about. For example, the outer packaging of sardine fish cans shows information about nutrition, such as the omega-3 fatty acids that work to protect the cardiovascular system. For consumers valuing nutrition, the packaging of sardine fish cans shows what nutrition contains in the product and how much it contains, which helps consumers to choose the most suitable sardine fish cans.


  1. Attract Customers

The most important role of sardine packaging rests with attracting customers. Exquisite packaging is beneficial to impress customers as the packaging reflects the product and the brand of companies. Now that the packaging is so essential that canned sardine companies should research what kinds of packaging attract customers before designing packaging.


Things Customers Value Regarding Canned Sardines Packaging

Among various factors, it turns out that customers are more prone to value three things regarding sardine fish can packaging: packaging color, packaging material, and innovative design.


  1. Packaging Color

85% of consumers buy products based on color, which is not an exception in purchasing sardine fish cans. The following colors are universally accepted in food packaging, which is applicable to sardine fish can packaging.


  • Red. It stands for excitement, passion, and strength, easily attracting consumers’ attention.

  • Yellow. It gives consumers the impression of fun, optimism, and energy, usually associated with healthy and filling foods.

  • Orange. It represents fun, adventurousness, and friendliness, which shows companies’ healthy and optimistic brand image; Fanta uses it as the main packaging color.


  1. Packaging Material

Consumers are conscious of how important environmental protection is, so they prefer green and eco-friendly packaging materials. When it turns to green packaging, sardine fish cans made from aluminum are always a reliable option, as aluminum is 100 percent recyclable. Such a sustainable material reduces environmental impact, making it the packaging material that environmental customers would choose. For more about the comparison of sardine packaging material, please read: the comparison of sardine can materials: Tinplate Vs. Aluminum Vs. TFS.



  1. Innovative Design

The innovative design of packaging also plays a vital role in attracting consumers, which helps differentiate one company from another. Among various sardine fish cans, those with an easy open end are sought after because customers don’t need the can opener to open them, making them user-friendly. On top of that, sardine fish cans with easy-store and easy-carry features and non-breakability are more likely to attract customers in that these factors are what consumers pursue.


Worth mentioning is that the 311 sardine fish can packaging from Canlid Industries can satisfy these needs. Apart from the abovementioned merits, our 311 sardine fish cans can be customized. No matter what color sardine fish can companies want, we can always satisfy their needs. Also, our product belongs to food-grade packaging, making it safe enough for food packaging, including tuna and sardine fish can packaging.


Proper packaging makes sardine fish cans more eye-catching and attractive. To grow the business, canned sardines companies must find a reliable packaging partner to make it come true. Specializing in aluminum packaging for over 15 years, Canlid Industries is a trustworthy supplier providing canned sardine companies with attractive sardine packaging. With such rich experience, we are confident that we know better what kinds of packaging canned sardines companies want than our counterparts, so we are always the best choice regarding aluminum packaging.