Air louvers are mainly used in industrial air conditioning, ventilation, and purification systems. The air louver with a filter guarantees water, sand, and snow protection.


You can find them in many industries, in spaces such as ventilated rooms and workshops, container rooms, and especially photovoltaic containers, SVG containers, and other special electrical equipment containers.


In this article, we will learn all about this product, its features, types, and uses. Keep reading!



Fresh Air Louver with Filter: The Main Features

A fresh air louver with a filter has several features that benefit users. Check out some of them!

1. Robust

The air louvers have robust construction. They are highly resistant, and their blades are fixed to their mainframe by using screws. They are also riveted to the mullions for the bigger sizes.

2. Aesthetic

The airflow louvers are very aesthetic. They have blades with a double S-shaped structure arranged obliquely to force the incoming air to run from bottom to top. This way, the air can enter the room from outside.

3. Practicability

Louver filters are also efficient solutions. The shutters of the air louvers are equipped with a dust filter at the rear end. The louver filter can keep the indoor air clean by filtering the dust brought from outside.


This system makes this product more practical. Louver filters also work to protect the electrical equipment and related devices. In addition, they can be easily removed for cleaning and changing the filter cotton.

What Can You Use a Fresh Air Louver with Filter for?



The air louvers with filter are mainly used for photovoltaic places. Still, it is possible to use them for container rooms, long and ventilated rooms and workshops, SVG containers, and other kinds of special electrical equipment containers.


In a photovoltaic power station, you will find these products in spaces like the high voltage frequency converter room, photovoltaic inverter room, and other similar facilities.


In desert areas, you can find the airflow louvers at the power plant, the boiler room, or control building, and many other spaces.


Overall, it is mainly used in industrial air conditioning, working for ventilation and purification, and also on bridge dusting.


They are also present in airports, shipbuilding, and many other construction industries.

Why is Fresh Air Louver with a Filter Used?



Many reasons lead companies to use fresh air louver with filters. Check them out!

1. The Challenges Present in the Environment

Environmental challenges are one of the reasons to use airflow louvers. Specific places may need these solutions to keep safe ventilation in the environment.  For this, the company makes evaluations, measures the spaces and the device, and makes changes in the environment, if necessary, for its installation and operation to occur correctly.

2. The Requirements in Use

Air louvers need to follow some requirements in use. These solutions are connected to wall holes. Be careful, though. The shutters can’t be turned upside down while installing because, after reverse, there will be no protection against sand and water.

3. The Advantages of Fresh Air Louver with Filter

As mentioned before, fresh air louvers guarantee protection from water, snow, and sand. And while keeping the indoor air clean, it also protects indoor electrical equipment and related components from dust intrusion.

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