Did you know that the sardine fish can end is essential in sardine fish preservation? Canned food has the reputation of lasting longer and being safer to consume because the canning process protects the content from external factors while also shielding the inside.


Canned food also has a longer shelf-life and can be transported and stored for a more extended period. The can end is an essential factor in this. Can ends help guarantee more protection for the food and beverage packaging because of its metal structure that keeps its interior from external elements.



But they can also avoid damage resulting from friction or storage. A high-quality can end ensure the can stay close and secure during all transportation and storage processes. The can end creates space between the cans when they are stacked. This space guarantees they are stored without creasing and damaging, which also helps when the cans are being transported.


In this article, learn all about how crucial sardine fish can end in maintaining preserved sardine fish.


Sardine Fish Can End Requirements



Because it’s a food package, the sardine fish can end must follow specific health and safety requirements and regulations. These measures protect its content from outside factors and guarantee long shelf life. The can end also has to be sealed appropriately and, at the same time, have an easy-open can end.


First, the material has to be food grade. That means non-toxic and, when in contact with the food, still safe for consumption. In this process, the tins (metal containers) must be coated externally and internally with lacquers appropriate for the sardine fish.


After adding the sardine to the can, lids, codes, identification, labels, and sealing are added. Then the product undergoes a final inspection to make sure it is safe. The sardine fish can end has to be able to protect the content of the can through transportation, storage, sale, and finally, consumption.


That is why it has to pass many safety tests during the fabrication process.


The Most Used Sardine Fish Can End – F311: Specs



The most used can end model for sardine fish is the F311. This is a very standard and popular model that follows the following specifications:

  • Size: the size is 103.85*59.85mm.
  • Thickness: the thickness is 0.19-0.20mm.
  • Material: the material is tinplate and aluminum, and TFS.
  • Type: the type is full aperture.
  • Surface printing: the surface can be blank or printed. The company offers all kinds of non-standard customization.
  • Outside coating/inside coating: the outside and the inside are made of aluminum.


Top 4 Features and Advantages of F311 Sardine Fish Can Lid

Check out now the best features the F311 can end offer:



1. Easy-open Can End

One of the most practical features of the sardine fish can lid is how easy it is to open. The lid allows a complete and easy opening without the need for any other kind of accessory.

2. Strong and Sturdy Tap

In addition to being easy to open, the tap is also strong and sturdy, ensuring that the product remains properly sealed. With this, there is no risk of breaking the package when trying to open it.

3. Good Sealing

The sealing is resistant and guarantees the safety of the food. Therefore, it is essential for food and beverage packaging to have strong sealing. This feature ensures that the food or drink will not be spoiled and its contents don’t leak.

4. Rust-proof

The packaging is also rust-proof, allowing safe transportation and storage without risk of damage.


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