Food packaging is used to enclose food to protect and preserve the food. Speaking of the most commonly used food packaging materials on the market, that would be aluminum foil and plastic. As two materials for food packaging, they have long been compared to each other for which is better. Guess you may have the same puzzle, so here we compare the aluminum foil food container and plastic food container in various aspects to let you know which is the go-to option in food packaging.

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The Features of Aluminum Foil and Plastic Food Containers

Owing to being made in different materials, the aluminum foil food container and plastic food container show different properties.


  • The AluminumFoil Food Container

The aluminum foil food container has a good light-shielding performance with a reflectivity of up to 95%. It can protect food from sunlight exposure and reduce the likelihood of going bad. Also, the aluminum foil food container is characterized by resistance to high and low temperatures between -73 ~ 371 ℃. Such an adaptable ability to temperatures allows its multifunctional purposes without melting, losing its original shape, or giving out any bad smell.

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  • The Plastic Food Container

The plastic food container shows excellent durability as it is not easily broken nor gets damaged even during transportation, providing great protection to the food. Besides durability and non-breakability, the plastic food container is transparent, allowing consumers to know what it is inside.


Which Is Better: Aluminum Foil or Plastic Food Containers?

Are you still struggling to choose aluminum foil or plastic food containers? Don’t worry; now we will turn to compare them directly in the following ways, helping you make a decision.


  1. Weight

Both aluminum foil and plastic food containers are characterized by light weight. However, aluminum foil’s thickness is thinner, minimizing the product’s weight and reducing transportation costs. Being lightweight, our aluminum foil box features ease of use, giving many conveniences.


  1. Insulation Performance

Food-grade aluminum foil food containers have a higher barrier to water, water vapor, light, and fragrance than plastic food containers. Therefore, it is often used in fragrance-preserving and moisture-proof packaging to protect goods from being affected by moisture and oxidation. With our aluminum foil food container, your food can be well preserved without worrying about losing its original taste and fragrance.


  1. Environmental Protection

Despite being durable, plastic food containers take a long time to degrade, proving to be a tough task for recycling. Instead, since aluminum foil is 100% recyclable, recycling the aluminum foil food container becomes easier. Thus, the aluminum foil food container has the edge over the plastic one in environmental impact. As a champion of eco-friendliness, we produce 100% recyclable aluminum foil food containers, hoping to minimize any possible environmental harm.


  1. Safety

Residual components from plastic food containers remain a concern for health and safety, while food-grade aluminum foil box is odorless and non-toxic that can be directly exposed to food without worrying about any harm to human health. We can reassure our clients that all of our aluminum foil food containers are made of food-grade aluminum foil materials, proving our aluminum foil food containers as a safe food packaging solution.


  1. Application

The plastic food container mostly applies to fruits, meat, and take-away food, while the aluminum foil food container is more widely used in airline food, home cooking, and large bakery stores. It can be said that aluminum foil food container has a wider market and has gained more popularity. Since our aluminum foil food containers apply to many scenarios, including household kitchen use, restaurant food packing, airline catering, outdoor barbecue, and party food storage, people can always find a suitable packaging solution here.


The Aluminum Foil Food Container Is Superior to the Plastic Food Container

From the above analysis, in spite of the advantages that the plastic food container has, it is inferior to the aluminum foil food container in weight, insulation performance, environmental protection, safety, and application. Thus, the aluminum foil food container is always the preferred alternative when people consider choosing a food container.



The aluminum foil food container is taken over the market by its great virtue. If you opt for the aluminum foil food container as the food packaging, choosing a professional aluminum foil packaging supplier is a must. With state-of-the-art equipment, Canlid Industries can produce premium aluminum foil food containers for you. Reach out to us for the best aluminum foil packaging solution!