Retorted food is characterized as having been packed with peel-off ends during the sterilizing process. Peel off ends offered by the peel off end manufacturer Canlid are tools that are used in the procedure of removing the lid from the packing variation.

How do peel off ends work?


The peel off end serves as a lid to close the can or bottle’s opening. In certain cases, they are important to follow the law, but they also protect customers from being tricked by businesses.


How can peel-off ends be used in packaging?


There are several ways to peel the packing towards the end of the refutation. One technique is to prop open the door using cans. To prevent it from moving when the canned handle is spun, place the canned end on the bottle’s blade and keep it in place. The end should easily detach once it has been twisted. Knife use is another effective strategy. Cut off the end of the packing, slit the tape along its length, and remove it.


The benefits of using peel-off ends for packaging


The packaging’s peel-off end may be a time- and money-efficient technique to suggest that your items are special. Here are a few benefits:


1) Create waste for recycling. You’ll be able to reduce the quantity of garbage dumped in landfills because you won’t have to utilize the full end.


2) Working with it is less challenging. When there are fewer pieces to work with, consistent stripping results are considerably easier to obtain.


3) There is a very slim chance that they will harm anything. The material of the packing can quickly be worn or torn by the ends of sharp edges, which might result in early failure and waste of resources.




The peel off end is one of the packaging process’s most important phases. Peel off end is a useful tool for avoiding product packaging damage and ensuring that the products arrive at their intended customers in perfect shape. I sincerely hope Canlid can give you some appropriate peeling ends for your clients.