Everyone has seen a sardine fish can up close, but have you ever wondered about its manufactured process?  When the fish is canned, it means it has been processed, then sealed on a tin can, and later subjected to heat. The process is responsible for preserving the food and providing a longer life shelf for it.



This method can preserve sardines for one to five years. Some sardines are smoked only, while others have additional ingredients as described on their packaging. After being on the tinplate packaging, the process involves adding lids, codes, identification labels, and sealing. Before being sent for sale, the sardines undergo one more final inspection.


Sardines are packaged in small, easy-to-open tinplate cans, either with a pull tab (similar to beverage cans) or a key attached to the bottom of the can. Therefore, it is a practical and easy food to maintain and consume.


Flat rectangular sardine cans are usually made of aluminum, and because of it, it is easy to recycle. These cans have a peel-off lid, which can also be recycled. However, similar to tuna cans, not all sardine or fish cans are made from this material. Some cans are made out of steel, for instance.


Features of Sardine Fish Cans

Sardine fish cans have a lot of features. Check them below!


1. Food Grade

Materials defined as food grade are safe for consumption and non-toxic. This is an essential attribute as the wrong material can spoil the food and even contaminate it. As it is a type of food that must have a long shelf life, the material for the sardine fish can must follow specific protocols that can guarantee the integrity of the food.


2. High-Pressure Resistance

The high internal pressure resistance ensures that the tinplate cans do not deform during the sardine smoked process. During the manufacturing process, internal and external coating rules have to be followed. This guarantees the safety of the food, as well as the preservation of the can.


3. Light Full Open Force and Easily Opening

The sardine fish can is opened fully through its lid. It is possible to open it completely at once. The opening is simple and does not require any other type of accessory.


4. Only Seal in the Upper of Can

It is only possible to seal the top of the can to keep the sardine preserved. The placement makes it accessible and contains the air from coming in.


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The Manufacturing Process of Sardine Fish Cans

There are some steps to follow in the manufacturing process of sardine fish cans. Check it out:


  1. Tinplate Inspection

The tinplate cans must be appropriated for sardine fish. Therefore, it must go over an inspection and approval process.


  1. Cutting

During this process, it is essential to confirm if the printing and color matching follow the model and whether the setting is accurate. At this moment, there is also a verification for blemishes and other deformities.


  1. Stamping Basic End (Circle)

The metal is pressed to make the shape of the can.


  1. Sealing Compound (Dry)

This process guarantees that air and moisture on the sardine fish can are out.


  1. Collection

The metal is then collected to form the can.

  1. Conversation

A layer of tin is applied to the inner and outer surface of the can to prevent rusting and protect the food flavor.


  1. Press Stamping

The general process of the Tiandi Lid two-piece tin is Lid (opening-flashing-rolling) and Bottom cover (cut-flashing-pre-coiled line-coiled line).


  1. Score Line Repair (Dry)

The purpose of scoring is to obtain very sharply defined bends in metal sheets.


  1. Electra-coating

Electra-coating, also known as paint deposition, is an immersion wet paint finishing process that uses electrical current to attract the paint product to a metal surface.


  1. Package

Upon completion of production, the packaging department is responsible for cleaning and assembling the products, packaging the plastic bags and packaging.


  1. Storage

For products with multiple styles, the style number and box brand are matched.

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