Packaging is an unavoidable part of the consumption of any type of product. It protects products while also displays important information and allows for safe storage and transportation. Among a wide variety of options for food packaging, aluminum packaging is one of the best options for companies nowadays in that it recycles materials, is cost-efficient and safe.


In this article, you will learn what makes aluminum one of the best packaging solutions for companies.


What is Recycling Packaging Material and the Importance of Using It?

Recycling packaging materials are those that can be reused after being processed. A lot of materials can be recycled, just like aluminum. By using recycled materials, companies are able to minimize their landfill waste output.


  1. Economic Effectiveness

When choosing to use a packaging solution that can be recycled, the company gets a chance to reduce the time, money, and energy that are needed to procure or manufacture new materials. This also allows the company to prevent materials from ending up in landfills.


  1. Environmental Benefit

According to studies carried out by ESCI (School of International Studies), the Cidaut Foundation (Research and Development in Transport and Energy), and the UNESCO Chair –  the energy required to get recyclable material is less than that utilized to get brand new material.


By obtaining the unrecyclable materials to manufacture food packaging products, companies generate more polluting substances than used recycled materials. While using recycling packaging material, the energy of producing it is greatly reduced. This means that less CO2 is generated in the atmosphere, and the consequence is that the emitted pollution is reduced.


  1. Safe in Use

Safety is one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing the best recycling packaging material. Generally, the recycling packaging material is usually created by using green environmental materials, making it a good storage material. Most recycling packaging materials, such as aluminum packaging, provide food a safe storage environment and keep it from leakage and spoilage.


What is an Aluminum Packaging Material?

Aluminum packaging solutions are highly used in processed food containers, dairy products, cans, and can lid for beverages. Here is the introduction of aluminum packaging material and the reasons why it is used:


1. Aluminum in Nature

Aluminum is a hygienic, non-toxic form of packaging that is able to retain the product’s flavor at best possible. It also creates a natural barrier against the migration of moisture, oxygen, and other gases, and volatile aroma.


In addition, it is light in weight and flexible; it is primarily used as the means of food storage and is considered one of the most all-around packaging solutions worldwide because of its ability to form any shape and protect the quality of the products.


  1. Aluminum Package in Use

This kind of material offers a high level of corrosion resistance. Aluminum packaging also provides optimal protection properties and has an impermeable metal barrier to light, ultra-violet rays, water vapor, oils and fats, oxygen, and micro-organisms.


As mentioned in the previous point, it also provides protection against the impact of light, which is higher than any plastic laminate material. Aluminum packaging creates a barrier that plays an essential role in keeping the contents fresh and protecting them from external influences, thereby guaranteeing a long shelf-life.


  1. 3. Aluminum Package in Operation

Because it is lightweight, it lowers shipping costs and makes it easier to handle. It is also break-resistant, which makes it possible to reduce product and container loss, therefore guarantee greater safety for packagers and consumers.


In addition, the flexibility features of aluminum make it is squeezable, allowing it to dispense product more efficiently, and because there is no glass fragment contamination, it means less liability exposure.


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