When you are trying to determine the packaging of your product, you have to think about multiple elements. The final design will influence the product’s storage method, convenience, and how your customers perceive it.

Moreover, in recent years, the need for effective storage has been highlighted due to increased production lines and market demand. An easy-to-open lid for can will solve the storage issue that many companies are now facing.  


Storage Methods in the Market

At the moment, there are multiple storage methods, depending on the products that you want to store. However, it is important to note that the way you organize your inventory will affect your business. Effective inventory storage will maximize productivity, and the products will flow better to reach your customers.

The most widely-used storage methods in the market are the following:

  • Block stacking,
  • Racks,
  • Shelves and bins,
  • Central storage,
  • Point-of-use storage,
  • Dry storage,
  • Cold storage.

No matter the type of storage you have adopted for your business, you will find that easy-open lids maximize results. The products will be stored neatly, one on top of the other, thus not unused space.  


What Are the Advantages of an Easy Open Can Lid?

An easy-open can lid has multiple advantages that make it an attractive option for your product’s packaging. Namely, these advantages are:

  1. Versatility

An easy-open can lid, first and foremost, is very versatile. There is no denying that you can find a lid for any type of can that your product requires.

  1. Safety

Easy-open lids are also very attractive to your customers as they are safe to use, especially compared to cans that require the use of a can opener. By choosing this design for your packaging, you give a significant boost to your product.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

There is no denying that every business is trying to find ways to save money while at the same time keeping the product’s quality high. An easy-to-open lid for the can is cost-effective as it is both affordable and retains the quality standard.

  1. Convenience

In reality, easy-open can lids are the most convenient option for your product’s packaging. They enhance your inventory storage, thus maximizing productivity. Furthermore, they are very convenient for your customers since the product can easily be opened without a can opener.


What You Need to Consider When Choosing Easy Open Lids

The above advantages make it obvious that an easy-to-open lid for your product will benefit your business. However, before you choose one, keep in mind the following things:

  • The Material of the Easy Open Can Lid

When it comes to easy-open lids, there are numerous uses for their production. Indicatively, you can select among aluminum, steel, and tin lids. Each one of these has different characteristics that make it ideal for specific applications. For example, a high-quality aluminum easy-open can lid is perfect for food packaging.

  • The Standard Sizes

Another thing that you need to consider is the standard sizes of the packaging. Every country has adopted different standards, so you will need to pick the one that corresponds to your needs.

  • The Application

Lastly, the lid’s application will affect your decision. For example, you might need a peel-off end to guarantee the freshness of your product. In other cases, you might need packaging for liquid products, where an easy-open can lid is more suitable. 


In Conclusion

When it comes to easy-open lids, Canlid is the company that will provide services of the highest possible quality. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we have developed a professional R&D team to maintain our high standards. All of the easy-open can lids are manufactured and tested to ensure that you receive the product that will boost your business.

Canlid is taking advantage of advanced international cutting, coating, and printing equipment to create all products. The latest technology implemented and the six automated production lines guarantee that you will find the best prices in the market with prompt delivery.