The Ultimate Guide to Aluminum Can Lids


Aluminum can lids have revolutionized the modern packaging industry. It can retain the quality of the products and make them more valuable. This eco-friendly packaging solution offers a convenient way to open the cans so as to assure safety and health. In this article, we will walk you through what is aluminum can lid and its significance.


What is an Aluminum Can lid?

Aluminum can bodies made of aluminum alloy AI 3004, and the end can consist of aluminum AI 5182. This combination is the most considerable alloy mixture in the industry, perfect for soft drinks and beverage cans.


The Development of Aluminum Can lid

Aluminum can lid traces from 1959. During this year, one million soda cases were packaged in aluminum cans. It is light in weight and capable of promoting shelf life. So afterward, their production increases.  

The need for sustainable packaging has increased in the recent era. And in the near future, people will be more eco-conscious. And the demand for cans and caps products will be high in the market. In the future, the use of aluminum can lid expected to grow in the next five years.


The Manufacturing Process of Aluminum Can Lid

Aluminum cans and caps come into their shape after remolding. So they have the unlimited capacity to recycle them after every use.

The production lines have automation techniques to give the strength elongation and size of aluminum cans and caps. This powerful mechanism of making the caps and cans also helps to prevent them from breaking during the further processing of filling and closure.

The materials included in making the aluminum can lid are:

  • Flat surface aluminum cap sheet with no marks and stains
  • 8011-H14 and 3003-H16 state of aluminum alloy

During the process, the aluminum can lid’s material placed on the hot rolling for continuous casting and then moved towards the cold rolling. The multipurpose casting and rolling of aluminum material allow for better casting at the production plants. After this, they pass to the process of giving them final dimensions.


Specifications of Aluminum Can lid

  1. Types

The state of aluminum for making the caps and cans is different. The aluminum can lids commonly consist of 307SOT, 307RPT, and 209SOT and 209RPT.  

  1. Sizes

The general thickness of the aluminum can cap is around 0.20mm-0.25mm, and its diameter is 83.3 mm. Moreover, it has the standard height of 2.00±0.10.

  1. Weight

The weight of the aluminum can lid depends on the size and dimensions of the can. The bigger can lids are more in weight than smaller ones. Its seaming compound weight lies in the range of (mm): 70-90. It comes in the standard weight range of 25-50 mg.  


Applications of Aluminum Can lid

It has wide applications in different industries. Canlid produces aluminum caps and cans that have more demand in beer packaging and sardine packaging. Let us find out below:


  1. Beer Packaging

Aluminum caps and cans are ideal for packaging the beer. It is suitable for all acid-free food materials. In addition, the aluminum can lid provides a quick way to enjoy it at outdoor parties.


  1. Sardine packing

The sardine packaging is perfect for making it ready-to-cook food. For packing sardine in aluminum, you need to follow the proper method of washing, removing heads, smoking or steam cooking, and then drying. Then, pack them in an aluminum can with an alloy cap that preserves their flavor and texture.


Benefits of Using Aluminum Can lid

Aluminum can lid is loaded with many features that provide a bunch of benefits to you. You can rely on Canlid when it comes to the industry standard caps and cans. You can avail many of its benefits mentioned below:

  1. Sustainable Packaging Solution

Aluminum can lid is a great sustainable packaging solution as it is recyclable and preserve the environment.

  1. Increase Integrity of Products

It acts as a barrier against oxygen, contamination, and moisture. Thereby, increasing the shelf life of packaged food items. In conclusion, aluminum can lid is safe both for human and food preservation.

  1. Increased Sealing performance

Aluminum cap lids do not rust easily, and they last for years. Besides, they are lightweight, non-toxic, chemical resistant, and have non-absorbent properties that increase the sealing performance of the can lids.

  1. Appealing Packaging

Since aluminum has a high reflectivity, aluminum can lids enhance the appearance of the product. They provide appealing branding effects and complement the sense of the value of your product.

  1. Easy to Open

Another impressive benefit of aluminum can lid is that you can open them easily. They don’t need any instruments for opening. Also, they are user-friendly even children and elderly people can open them without putting in much effort. A peel-off end is such a case of easy open aluminum can lid, which is convenient and safe for users.



By far the, aluminum caps and cans are imperative for the packaged products. Canlid is dedicated to providing high-quality aluminum caps and cans. It offers a bevy of products to boast about, and the products can cater to your needs. This way, it has earned a solid reputation in the market by satisfying your needs.