Peel off ends are important for food storage because they are a requirement for the process. These metal lids are essential for food storage since they completely seal the food and ensure its safety. They were produced by Canlid, a company that specializes in producing peel-off ends. In this post, we’ll discuss the three primary types and applications of peel-off ends. To learn some beneficial information about them, keep reading.

peel off ends

Uses for Peel Off Ends


In China, peel-off ends are available in a range of diameters, with the inner ring having a choice of O or D shape and the outer ring having a choice of round, square, etc. shapes. They are presently used for printing, high-temperature sterilization, one-way valve ventilation, dry powder, and customizable transparency. These variations are used in other situations. The many information technologies that use two-dimensional codes are starting to gain market attention.


3 Types of Peel Off Ends


  1. The peeling end of the dry powder package cannot be sterilized at high temperatures. It is used in the canning industry for products like snack foods and milk powder, which are typically found in cans.


  1. The peel-off ends of food may withstand extremely high temperatures during the sterilization procedure. Customers can combine this cuisine with canned goods like beef to make quick and simple meals.


  1. The lid’s peel-covered end. The integrated valve, a one-way pressure-reducing valve, is used in the packaging of fermented goods, such as canned coffee, to adequately retain the quality of the beverage for a long period.




Peel-off ends are an important element in keeping food fresh and of high quality. They not only keep the food’s flavor and nutritional value intact, but they also prevent noxious animals like insects and other pollutants from getting inside. Please contact Canlid if you have any questions or would like additional information on the advantages of peel off ends.