The development of peel ends has made opening and closing food packaging much simpler. You now have a lot more ease in preserving food because these ends have been peeled. These ends are produced by Canlid, a supplier of easy open ends. Let’s look at the characteristics of easy open ends and the various applications they may have.

easy open ends

The application of easy open ends


Mason jars, steel cans, and tin cans are all good alternatives for the easy open ends method of food preservation. This method is used to prepare and seal food in these containers. The typical shelf life of food in cans is one to five years, however, it can occasionally last much longer. If a commodity, like dry lentils, has been freeze-dried and then canned, up to 30 years can pass before it stops being usable.


The packaging of cans of baby milk powder with strict safety standards frequently uses easy open ends. More and more products, including meat, fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, and other commodities, are now being packaged.


Features of easy open ends


  1. Increasing the sealing pressure will prevent bending. severe pressure food preservation without injury. FDA regulations and BPA-free.


  1. A corrosion-prevention method involving multiple layers of resistance.


  1. Sleek style. Because of its compact design, the end that is readily removed helps to keep the goods fresh. As a result, packaging sealing is facilitated and made more secure, assisting in the prevention of contaminated goods.




It is a good idea to use ends that are easy to open when packaging food because this will help the food stay tasty and fresh for a longer period of time. This technique not only helps to keep your food’s flavor and texture fresher for a longer amount of time, but it also helps to shield it from harmful elements like moisture. Have a look at the products that Canlid has to offer if you’re looking for a fix for the problem of easy open ends.