When preserving food through canning, having the proper gear is essential. The following items are necessities that will enhance your experience in the kitchen: Easy ends and seals to easy peel off ends are designed to make storing food simpler. You won’t have any issues packing your food quickly if you use these ends from Canlid.

  • What are easy peel off ends?
  • Benefits of easy peel off ends
  • Conclusion

What are easy peel off ends?

Peel ends, a type of metal packaging sometimes known as lids, are frequently used to wrap food cans. This type of packaging offers high degrees of sealing and some pressure resistance. After punching, wire drawing, and crimping, the base material, made of aluminum or tinplate, may be opened without risk.

Its base is tinplate or aluminum and has a detachable composite film or aluminum foil coating. The peel’s tip is very light and safe. Additionally, developments in the field strive to make it an environmentally beneficial packaging choice.

The newest advancement in metal ends is easy open ends, which were just released. Starting with the same process as making a conventional end, cuts are made in the center, a safety crimp is produced, foil sealing is completed, and embossing is completed. These products are also appropriate for all adult users, including pregnant or elderly.

Benefits of easy peel off ends

  1. Since they are constructed of pollution-free materials, easy open ends are advantageous for the environment.
  2. They are also easy to use and store.
  3. They protect food from becoming bad while moving or storing.
  4. They are less expensive than several other packing techniques.


Because there are so many options, deciding which easy peel off ends to use with Canlid may be difficult. On the other hand, we can help you make a good decision based on your needs for food storage. So, check out Canlid‘s answers right away!