Since they are a necessary component of the process, peel off ends are crucial to the preservation of food. Because they completely seal the food, these metal lids are a need for food storage because they guarantee the food’s safety. The peel off ends manufacturer, Canlid, a business that specializes in peel-off ends, made them. In this article, we will talk about the applications of peel-off ends and 3 main types of them. Continue reading to get some helpful facts about them.

Applications of Peel Off Ends


In China, peel-off ends come in a variety of sizes, with the inner ring being able to be either O-shaped or D-shaped and the outer ring being able to be either round or square, etc. They are now utilized for dry powder, high-temperature sterilization, one-way valve ventilation, customizable transparency, and printing. These variants are employed in other contexts. The market has slowly begun to take notice of the several information technologies that employ two-dimensional codes.


3 Main Types of Peel Off Ends


  1. There is no high-temperature sterilizing technology available on the dry powder package’s peeling end. It’s employed in the canning business for items like milk powder and snack foods that are frequently seen in cans.


  1. The peel-off end of cooking can endure incredibly high temperatures throughout the sterilizing process. Customers may create food quickly and easily by combining this cuisine with canned items like beef.


  1. The peel-covered end of the lid.  To properly preserve the quality of the coffee for a long time, the integrated valve, which is a one-way pressure-reducing valve, is used in the packing of fermented foods, such as canned coffee.




To preserve the quality and freshness of food, peel-off ends are a crucial element. In addition to helping to maintain the food’s flavor and nutritional content, they also stop harmful creatures like insects and other pollutants from getting inside. If you have any inquiries or would like more details on the benefits of peel off ends, please get in touch with Canlid.