It is crucial to have the right tools when it comes to canning food for preservation. The following items are necessities that, when used in the kitchen, will improve your experience there: Easy ends and seals to open. You are supposed to find it easier to keep food thanks to easy open ends. If you use these ends, which are offered by Canlid, an easy open ends manufacturer, you may swiftly pack your food without any problem.

Introduction to easy open ends


Food cans are commonly wrapped with peel ends, a type of metal packaging that is also referred to as lids. High levels of sealing and some pressure resistance are provided by this kind of packaging. The base material, which is constructed of Aluminumor tinplate, may be opened without risk after processes like punching, wire drawing, and crimping.


Its base is built of Aluminum or tinplate and coated with composite film or aluminumfoil as a removable component. The peel’s tip is extremely safe and light. Furthermore, advancements in the sector are aiming to make it a packaging option that is more ecologically friendly.


Easy open ends have just been introduced, which is the most current improvement in metal ends. The same procedure as for manufacturing a regular end is used to start, and then cuts are made in the center, a safety crimp is made, foil sealing is done, and embossing is done. Additionally, these goods are suitable for use by all adult users, including those who are old, or pregnant.


Benefits of easy open ends


  1. Easy open ends are environmentally beneficial because they are made of pollution-free materials.


  1. They are easy to use and store, too.


  1. They guard against food deterioration when it is being transported or kept.


  1. They are more affordable compared to several other packaging strategies.




It might be challenging to decide which easy open ends to use with Canlid because there are so many available. On the other hand, we can assist you in choosing wisely according to your requirements for food storage. Therefore, have a look at Canlid’s solutions now!