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How Are Sardine Fish Cans Manufactured?

Everyone has seen a sardine fish can up close, but have you ever wondered about its manufactured process?  When the fish is canned, it means it has been processed, then sealed on a tin can, and later subjected to heat. The process is responsible for preserving the food and providing a longer life shelf for

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What Makes Aluminum Packaging the Best Recycling Packaging Material?

  Packaging is an unavoidable part of the consumption of any type of product. It protects products while also displays important information and allows for safe storage and transportation. Among a wide variety of options for food packaging, aluminum packaging is one of the best options for companies nowadays in that it recycles materials, is

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How to Choose Easy Open Can Lid Based on Your Need?

When you are trying to determine the packaging of your product, you have to think about multiple elements. The final design will influence the product’s storage method, convenience, and how your customers perceive it. Moreover, in recent years, the need for effective storage has been highlighted due to increased production lines and market demand. An

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The Ultimate Guide to Aluminum Can Lids

The Ultimate Guide to Aluminum Can Lids   Aluminum can lids have revolutionized the modern packaging industry. It can retain the quality of the products and make them more valuable. This eco-friendly packaging solution offers a convenient way to open the cans so as to assure safety and health. In this article, we will walk you

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Steel packaging recycling hits highest rate

Recycling of steel packaging in Europe has hit a new all-time high of 84%, according to figures released by APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging. It is an increase of 1.5% and is the ninth consecutive year in which the overall recycling rate has risen.

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